How to solve our fiscal mess

Not just the federal government but states across America are going  to go bankrupt.  Democratic states now pay more than the free market for gonvernment workers, and provide better pensions and health care than the private sector.  Public service is no longer part of the vernacular, rather gorging at the public paid trough seems more appropriate.

Needless to say these governments need to reduce expenses, but the combination of unions and public voting keeps them from dealing with all the overpaid employees.  Even the public recognizes it and there are usually hundreds applying for any given government job.  Everybody wants one!

So why not let free enterprise solve the problem.  Terminate collective bargaining per se, it never should have existed to begin with.  Now simply interview people and build a list of candidates who are “qualified” for a position.

 Then let candidates bid for the position.  I absolutely guarantee polstal workers can b ehad for less than $70,000 a year.  DMV can be had for less than $60,000 a year.  In Califonia, I am sure people are willing to be prison guards for less than $150,000 a year.  So, THEN let them bid for the position by offering to do the job for xx dollars a week.  Invariably there will be people who will willingly work for less.   Even better they will work hard to differentiate themselves so others are not qualified to bid for the position..

I guarantee it will cut the cost of payroll and improve service levels.  Let’s get on with it….

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