Extending Unemployment Benefits to BOOST THE ECONOMY?

So Obama argues that he has economists on his side supporting extending unemployment benefits as one of the best wasy to boost the economy.

The argument goes, these people are most likely to spend the money putting stimulus into the economy.

IF that is the purpose I can deliver 10’s of thousands of people who will happily spend all the money we give them, and they are not in the class of people who have lost unemployment benefits, in fact many are self employed and never qualifed for such free money in the first place.

If the goal is to give people jobs, giving away money to spend is not the answer.

Why not give away “free” hot dog carts, or “free” pizza by the slice carts, or “free” burrito carts with premier locations.  The people who will take these are the people we want to help.

Want to create jobs?  Announce the government is purchasing 1 million hot dog carts and let American entrepreneurs bid on making them.  Sure McDonalds and Starbucks will scream, but it will rebuild the entrepreneurial spirit of America. 

STOP giving away money, let’s “give away” opportunity.!!!!

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