America was once a very entrepreneurial country.  It was made of of mostly people who made or built or discovered things and sold them.  These people were called makers.

To support these people governement provided needed services.  These were performed by takers, who took some money form the makers and provide services like teaching.  These were called public service.  While they didn’t pay as much as making products for sale, they were secure and paid a fair wage in exchange for not being subject to the vagaries of economics.

 Now “takers” began to argue that they should get the same pay as makers plus still be relieved of risk and enjoy even better benefits.  This group now forms such a large protion of the american electorate that the makers have to work for less to continue to support them. 

The result is America makes less and less of what the world buys, but takers continue to look forward to ever increasing benefits such as retirement.  It doesn’t really matter as the makers literally can’t pay for it any more.

 So what we see is a declining middle class, unsustainable debts being ranked up at all levels of public service, and a continuing trend by both parties to suppor tdeficit spending. 

It doesn’t really matter as it is ultimately unsustainable.  The longer you defer the pain associated with paying off a debt the greater it will be. 

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