Republicans Versus Democrats

I used to be a Republican but no more.  I am not a Democrat either.  The problem is they have become two sides of the same coin.  Basically both simply propose to borrow money from the future to pay for their programs today.

 While democrats have always believed in borrowing to promote a better society, republicans before Nixon were the more financially responsible. 

Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty was simply borrow money to fund welfare.  Fine, that is what democrats do.

But, it was Nixon who decimated the future of our currency by taking it off the gold standard ebabling the ulimited printing we see today.

It was Reagan who financed tax cuts with debt.  Supply side economics is simply “Wimpy” economics from the Popeye cartoons.  Bascially, it is “I will happily take a hamburger today and promise to pay you next tuesday”.  I have tried that in every store I have ever visited and they all laughed me out.  Yet we continue to tolerate politicians who propose this every day.

Here is the reality of what we need to do in America, yet we are past the point of voting for it as it means pain for everyone.  Everyone would prefer to hope a miracle happens and dump it on future generations.  But here goes anyway.

 1.  Eliminate the mortgage interest deduction on home mortgages above $200k.

2.  Cut all city state and federal worker pay 30%.  this needs to be phased in over time, maybe 1% a month for the next 30 months?  There is no doubt there are plenty of people ready to fill these jobs if they quit.

3.  Replace all government pension programs with the Utah Model , i.e. not defined benefit but defined contributions.  the government cannot guarantee returns nor can anyone else.

4.  Raise the Social security age by three months every year in perpetuity.  So in ten years the retirement age will move from 67 to 71.  In 20 years it will be 75 etc.

5.  Create medical liability accounts for illegal visitors who need medical care by their DNA.  Deny citizenship to anyone who has a financial liability for previous medical care.  Once this is settled they are eleigible. Of course if they return home we have no recourse but they can no longer visit again.

 6.  Abolish Obamacare and any other program that proposes to tax someone for not buying something. 

a.  I am still amazed that people 18-35 who don’t normally buy health care because they don’t need it, don’t realize this is designed to tax them mostly!  Like social security this group is getting dumped on ever increasing burdens from the generations above them.  More than anyone else they should be fighting deficit spending.

7.  Change our defense spending strategy to better reflect the world today.  No more big weapons systems.  Rather low cost, highly deployable mass produced weapons at low cost.  Think bees not eagles.

8.  Eliminate unemployment benfits for government workers.  This can be replaced with “maker” jobs.  They can be given exlcusive rights to sell food stuffs or merchandise at locations currently owned by the government.  We all know a hot dog cart can be worth $1.0 million in the right location in NY.  Beaches, parks etc.  Back to the old adage of “Teach a man to Fish”.

9.  Increase incentives for corporations to pay dividends to individuals, by eliminating double taxation.  Basically make dividends tax deductible to the corporation or tax free to the individual. 

10.  No taxes on profits from exports on products built in America.  This means software is taxable unless it is produced in America, not India. 

11.  Oh yeah term limits…Without it Americans will continue to believe all politicians are crooks. After all, they get elected poor and come out rich!

12.  No longer allow unionization of government workers.

Once we do the above list I will provide the next twelve items..

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