There is a never ending diatribe about all the problems America is facing yet noone seems to want to do anything.

Let me say this very clearly, AMERICA is under deep stress, economically, socially and politically.

Just as I once wrote about energy, there is no simple answer or idea that will have enough impact.  We need to EITHER, do everything simultaneously, or literally have another revolution as millions of people and businesses wither away.

So, the way I see it is politicians need to agree on the following framework.  Democrats need to cut social programs.  Republicans need to raise taxes and cut weapons spending.  Just the opposite of what each professes.  In fact, the only thing they seem to agree on is borrowing money from the future.

So here is how it works, for each dollar reduction in social porgrams, meaning specifically social security, obamacare, medicare, food stamps, public service pensions, and union protection delivered by Democrats, the Republicans will offer up a dollar on increased taxes such as vat on overseas built products (surcharge on shipping containers arriving?), increased income taxes, end of bailouts of wallstreet, in fact even undoing the horrible deals under Paulson, ending afghanisatan and Iraq involvments.  both groups need to deliver $1 trillion in reductions or tax increases over the next 5 years.  EACH!!!

Sure it sounds draconian, but the situation is worse.

 Now is the time to DEMAND BETTER. 


 Economic pain always draws interest.  The longer you put off the pain the higher the ultimate price!

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