What is wrong with “HOPE and CHANGE”

This was a great phrase that elected Barack Obama.  It is what I call a 1st order line.  Meaning it sounds good on the surface the the 2nd order effects are devasting.

Think about this from a business perspective.  Would you want to have your CEO come to a board meeting and say “I HOPE to do better next year”.  Of course not. 

 How about “next years results will “change” from this years results”.  You would show them the door.

 In either case my experience says this type of CEO would be replaced instantly, I know I have seen it happen.

What we really want is a dialog for Americans that replaces the word “hope” with th word “plan”.  Would it not be refreshing to hear “I have a plan” .  Even better unlike jerry Brown who said elect me and I will tell you the plan, a leader simply says here it is. 

 Now the goal of any plan is not to effect “change” but rather to effect improvement.  So let’s learn to challenge the word change with IMPROVEMENT, after all that is what every American should seek.  Improvement in jobs, housing, economy, security,education and even our health.

Until we demand our leaders how us the plan and what measureable improvements will result we should continue to throw them out, just as any comeptent Board of Directors would do. 

Goodbye Barack, Goodbye incumbents of both parties

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