Are you sure we can afford Gay Marriage?

Understand, I am not opposed to the concept, but I never see anyone really discuss the financial ramifications of such a change to our laws.

Consider two “benefits” of anyone being able to “marry” anyone.

First, marriage then lets a spouse get health care coverage under many corporate plans.  So simply “marrying” someone with a major illness such as aids or cancer, will get them covered.  I can imagine people offering to pay Microsoft employees to marry them to enjoy the great benefits.  Of course these people could no longer marry for love and it would disrupt a lot of our traditional society. 

Secondly, let’s imagine what happens to Social Security.  Imagine how many people will make the following deal with old single people.

You marry my grandchild, and I will marry yours!  So now each child will earn a $1500 monthly annuity for life.  Can you imagine how many people will abuse such a system?.

 I submit we should try to keep the original intent , which was to support the family unit.  Specifically such “marriage benefits” shoudl only apply when children are born or adopted into the family unit.

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