How to Fix America

No matter your political orientation, I think you would agree America has many fundamental problems that need to get fixed.

Let there be no doubt, my bias is toward anything that enables everyone to have access to economic success.  Good education and FREEDOM. So I am biased toward entrepreneurs and very low taxes.  Buy services you need.

I don’t give a rip about drugs, abortions, or sexual preferences.

So I think we should all step aside and let Democrats do everything they want.  Spend like crazy, the more the better.  Kill defense spending.  Ban gun ownership. Unionize everything, no more right to work states. Provide college loans for finger painting studies. Pick the legal system of your choice, shariah, christian street, whatever.   Free food, healthcare, designer clothes, jordan tennis shoes, sex and drugs, eliminate all our weapons, kill cars, mass transit everywhere, All of it…

I think any rational person knows it would end in disaster.  So instead of this death by slow cuts, can we just get there and start over?.  Sure a lot of people would die, and there will be looting and crime, but then we can get back to basics..States rights, small government, armed citizens, proper education etc. etc.

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