Religion may be destroying America

This is a hard blog to write. 

I realize that America was founded on a judeo christian god fearing basis.  But I also know the whole point of separation of church and state, was to avoid a religious country.  Look around the world, and those whose politics that are driven by religion are the envy of no rational person.

So let’s look at abortion.  This is crazy to let vitriol over this affect the future of this country.  For christians to try to impose on non christians lack of access to contraception or abortion is insane.  You make people who may never even want either vote against you!  If you don’t like the democrat agenda, then for god’s sake ENCOURAGE them to kill their babies. Noone is saying you have to do the same.  Let’s take this issue out of the political arena. Same with contraceptives.  I don’t like letting my tax payer dollars pay for this either, but there are much bigger issues to be dealt with.

I beg the republicans to throw in the towel on this, lest they lose the country ……


I beg the christian right learn to become tolerant of all others, just as christians ask to be tolerated.


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