The Future of America

This is likely to become an ongoing series of comments, driven by relentless reading of other content from democrat and republican sources.

Democrats are currently gloating over the 2012 election.  How the republicans are too  white, don’t embrace latinos etc.etc.

Let’s imagine a country where there was no republican opposition. You can form your own view on this, but we would have expensive gas, but lots of renewable energy.  Social issues would be a thing of the past, you are free to do whatever you want.  The societal safety net would be huge, but you would never have to worry where your next meal is coming from, until it didn’t come.  There would be no right to work states, no homeschooling, a felony to own a weapon etc.etc.  I am not saying this is bad or good just saying..Our foreign policy would be “good luck with that, let us know what you decide, here is some aid in the meantime.

Republicans seem to just slow up this vision of the future.

On the other hand, in CONCEPT, if republicans were in charge there would be a much smaller federal government, people could actually carry weapons (ever note crime rates are actually lower where weapons are accessible) , we would encourage immigrants to come and work legally for their willingness to provide cheap labor as a way of getting started, no public service unions, perhpas no unions at all, an education system driven by economic needs rather than ideology.  Maybe no student loans for degrees in psychology, or urban studies.  Basically, student loans would be determined by ability to pay later.  If you are getting a degree in chemical engineerig, you can borrow whatever you want as an example.  A degree in the study of comic book social impact on south honduran children not so much. who knows.  Everything driven by states.  With no FEMA it would be up to local communites to take care of their own..No departent of education trying to impose agendas that make no sense on a local basis.  Cheap gas, more pollution. you could literally pick a state that had values similar to your own.  Hard working ag state, or hard partying knowledge worker and finance state, you choose.

I doubt anyone likes either of these outcomes.  We need to keep some form of balance or end up in an unsustainable country.

You have to ask yourself why, when asians have values so based in entrepreneurialsm and quality education do they vote 3 to 1 for democrats? They have a tremendous bias for white skin and waste zillions on products to make them whiter..  Hispanics with strong christian values, still vote 3 to one for democrat.  women…blacks…Here a big tent where lots of people don’t like each other yet unite to defeat someone else they don’t like.  I submit that small issues are trumping big issues in these outcomes.  I mean access to abortion is a thousand times more important to you, than the future of your children ….if you have any?

Shouldn’t our failed education and economics be considered more important than what women do in the privacy of a doctors office?

So at this point democrats will feel no need to change.

Republicans may also feel that way knowing the democrat way will ultimately fail…eventually.

So I think the rest of us have to think long and hard about what we want to have happen in the future..

I simply ask everyone are you voting for somethng, or against something?.  If you are voting against, beware of the law of unintended consequences.

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