Ever Notice how much the root word “SOCIAL” has infiltrated our language?



So the point of this blog is to put a stake in the ground on the changing nature of America. 

Under OBAMA America will become more Socialist than ever before.  Notice how OBAMACARE has been embraced by him.  Unlike Hillarycare which was a way for republicans to denigrate national healthcare, the same attempt failed when he chose to wear the label as a badge of honor. 

Notice how one of the big economies is “SOCIAL NETWORKS”.  How Obama no longer argues he is not a socialist, but just lets the republican names drop to the floor.  We now have social everything and it is changing our lives.

Remember the first big socialist in history was Teddy Roosevelt.  Yes he was a RINO, and went on to give us income tax, break up standard oil, and lay pipe for Woodrow to give us the federal reserve, an incredible array of new government agencies, and paper money.


Then came cousin Franklin the so far most powerful and POPULAR socialist in our history.  In spite of every other president in history, always stepping down after two terms, he ran for 4 and got elected.  He was the reason we had to pass a constituitional term limit for Presidents.  My point is Americans LOVE socialism!  Go back and look at old papers this man could have ruled the world he was so popular.

As an aside, I know not how, but OBAMA will stay in power in 2016.  He will by proxy, or even some other butchering of the costituition.  Term limits only came in 1951, maybe they will argue to go back to the original consituition.  Or  perhaps there will be very close ties to the next candidate, and it won’t be Hillary.  He will give so much to “the people” that they will wonder how they lived before Obama.  His public support will continue to rise.

After 10 years of poor stock market returns, we will see the arguent for the nationalization of reitirement plans and 401k’s.  It will be a way to force us all to buy the government bonds we know are worthless.  Already the articles are flooding about how bonds have outperformed stocks in the last decades.


In addition, he will implement a national sales tax.  The screams will be it is regressive, but he will give a cash credit to food stamp and other social safety net recipients to offset it.


He will approve the KEYSTONE pipeline, as unions will want control.  Look for an environmental tax of some kind.  I think he will pragmatically embrace energy as a source of revenue rather than fight all the new found wealth in America.  Remember we now have found at least three Saudi Arabias on our soil. 


He will create vast new wealth in his supporters.


You only have to open your ears to hear the drumbeat of these predictions. 


Remember history shows Americans LOVE socIalism..


I believe there are two types of humans..The majority will gladly relinguish freedom in exchange for stuff and being taken care of ….The minority will cherish freedom above all else even if it means being poor.  Remember, “give me Liberty or give me death”?  When I look around the world this is true to this day…


So bottom line Obama will become one of the greatest presidents in history.  At least in the eyes of the majority who like “free stuff” and know not what price is paid..



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