When I was in elementary school, I ran for class president. I was pretty popular.  My opponent was obviously smarter.  In the auditorium we each had to give a speech.  I am sure this was some kind of lesson in politics.  Anyway, I went first normal political drivel, best man, you know me, work with teachers for more field trips, etc.etc.  My opponent on the other hand stood up and promised free coke machines.  This was in 1956!  He won by six votes.  Lesson learned.

Hillcrest elementary, San francisco.


So here we are today.  Obama just won reelection. Here is my take on why.


These are excerpts from what i heard.

Republicans and Conservatives

1.  He funds abortions.

2.  He gives away food stamps, disability and phones

3.  He is letting our enemies attack us with abandon

4.  He is a muslim, and not a nautrual born citizen ( I doubt most of you know the difference between citizen and natural born citizen)

5. He is putting us so far in debt our children can never pay it back.

6.  He wants to raise taxes.

7.  He supports gay marriage

8.  He wants to open the borders to all, taking away,jobs, increasing crime, and abusing our benefits

9. he lies

10. He wants to destroy our defenses


Here is a summary form the democrats…(remember free coke machines)

The Future Is Better Than You Think.

Unlike republicans who spend all their time fretting about social justice and the $16 trillion dollar debt that we have to let get bigger before we can pay it off,  we know that advances in technology will solve all of our problems. Food, water, energy, medicine — our capabilities have been rapidly improving on all of these fronts for decades and we’re on pace to advance even faster in coming years. With increased successful investments by our government, the only reason we don’t see how terrific our future will be is because of republican cognitive biases towards pessimism and gloom.
…Our brain’s filtering architecture is pessimistic by design…(and) good news is drowned out, because it’s in the media’s best interest to overemphasize the bad.
Therefore we tend to ignore the advances in robotics, nanotechnology, computers, genetically engineered crops, vertical farming, cultured meats, smart grids, and innumerable other technological advances that have put us on the cusp of taking a great leap forward as a species. We haven’t even touched on details about the extraordinary breakthroughs that we’re approaching: algae that can produce thirty times more energy than conventional biofuels per acre, computer assisted irrigation that will dramatically reduce the water usage needed for farming, autonomous cars that will reduce commute times and almost eliminate accidents, human body parts that can be grown as replacements for our worn out organs, and diagnostic advances that will allow thousands of dollars’ worth of medical tests to be done for pennies. These are exciting ideas that have the potential to uplift the lives of human beings all across the globe.   We need to keep moving FORWARD!
I will never forget free coke machines.
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