Returning America to Prosperity

All this drivel about taxes, spending and politics.  It is all rubbish!

From 1776 to 1900 America was nothing.  We had a civil war that killed more than any other war.  (mostly through infection)  we were marching west building farms as we went.  Out side of a small war with Spain, we weren’t doing much outside our borders, just trying to survive, and do the right thing.  We did abolish slavery with much trial and tribulation.  But we didn’t believe we were exceptional or any other such nonsense, just working.  No income taxes, no big government,  no entitlement programs, just pure darwinism.  Survival of the fittest, everyone armed, families took care of their own.

Then comes 1901 and the discovery of OIL in Texas.  Everything began to change overnight.  Cheap energy created opportunity unlike anything ever seen before on this planet.  Soon we had cars, planes, steel, warships, mass production etc.etc.  All because of cheap energy.  This single event transformed America into a true land of opportunity to amass great wealth.  Standard OIL.  America was no longer the place where you could get a free farm and work till you died, but rather jobs were everywhere.

While the rest of the world suffered under socialism and communism under the likes of Stalin, Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung (anglicized spelling for old times sake) , we just built!  Cheap Energy continued to create opportunity everywhere.  Railroads, crossed the US, cars and roads being built, power lines etc.etc. 

Cheap energy was the catalyst.  Pretty soon politicians were deluding themselves we were “exceptional”.  How friggin arrogant is that?

Now so much wealth created the belief the government could take care of the family better than families could themselves.  The government wouldcare for the elderly, teach the children and absolve parents of their right sand responsiblities to pass on values to their kids.  All because of cheap energy.

So we have come full circle, energy is no longer cheap and we send much of our wealth overseas to buy it. 

Some would replace it with even more expensive wind and solar and bio fuels in the hope to at least keep the money at home.  Never mind we can’t make solar cells or windmills or even batteries anymore.

Today America is at a crossroads.  We have a chance to start another century of prosperity based on energy.  This time it is around Natural Gas.  Using a very safe technology called fracking (we break up layers of shale to release it, via steel and concrete lined holes to protect the aquifer) we are releasing trillions of cubic feet of the stuff, at a cost lower than even russia can feed europe.  

Our chemical companies are returning home from China, and even the Germans are building new plants here. It is even threatening Russia more than any nuclear weapon ever did.  Fracking is creating so many jobs we can’t meet the demand.  Look at Texas, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah.  There is virtually no unemployment there.

Even better it is much cleaner than oil.  Methanol is cheap to product and replaces ethanol for our cars. AT HALF THE PRICE!  Embracing it would cut the cost of all food as corn would no longer need to be burned, thereby reducing the cost of beef, pork, chicken, corn and even wheat.  Why?  Because natural gas is the key ingredient in fertilizer.!

We cannot embrace this technology fast enough.  We can fix our cars,pollution economy in one big step.  Unfortunately, some politicians see this as getting in the way of their solar and windmill fantasies.  They are trying to stop it.  Hollywood is aking movies filled with lies to continue to brainwash the public.

If Americans wake up and demand we starting moving to a natural gas economy, we can enjoy another 100 years of prosperity, provide jobs for anyone who wants to work (welders now demand over $100k in pay in these locations) , just like in the good old days.

Once again, AMERICA needs to be free to do what it does best. 

This time we should no longer export energy but rather treat it as a competitive advantage.  Cheap energy will trump the costs of cheap asian labor if we have the courage. 

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES AND WHAT THEY SAY.  If they can’t talk about GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY, and instead talk about takes and redistribution throw them out. 

This is a once in a century opportunity to live another hundred years of greatness! 





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