WIIFM or why Trump!

A lot is being written about what caused the rise in support for an outsider to the political establishment.

First and foremost, contrary to what politicians believe, people are NOT stupid, maybe overly patient for my taste but definitely not stupid.

Secondly, Americans are a very benevolent people, but it can go too far.

At some point, when everyone around you is enriching themselves you reach the point of What’s In It For Me or WIIFM?

Consider the following observations.

  1.  Americans threw out Eric Cantor like a used diaper, we had had enough.
  2. Polls showed approval of congress led by Republicans at just 10%, yet they made no effort to try to listen, even AFTER we threw out one of their own..CANTOR.
  3. Literally the word conservative was “hijacked” as a brand.  Originally pioneered in the book the conservative mind, there never was room for NEOCONS or International regime change in the original conservative movement.  All that changed when Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney hijacked the brand for their own won mongering and profit desires in 1988
  4. A man known as lyin’ Ryan sold us down the river and betrayed every thing he had promised.

A little background first.

We were sold free trade.  It promised us lower prices and access to new goods from around the world.  Sounds great huh?  Except then we noticed, our employers weren’t giving us our 5% raises anymore.  Our neighbors companies started moving out of the country and they lost their jobs.  Our downtowns’ were devastated, our relationship with the people we knew decimated. The quality of the stuff we got from overseas wasn’t worth it even at a lower price.  More and more people slowly questioned is this what we want. ?

The media colluded in trying to scare us.  More and more threats from overseas were put in our face every day.  Even our biggest city was supposedly attacked by “surprise”.  Our so called elected representatives told us we had to give up some freedom to be safe.  These horrible leaders in countries we could not control had to be eliminated for us to be “safe”.  And so regime change was begun.  Slowly we realized we had to forfeit our wonderful freedom and way of life to pay the trillions of dollars necessary to kill hundreds of thousands of people overseas that were going to cross the ocean and attack us at any time.  All of us now knew people who had died or been handicapped as a result of these actions.  Meanwhile we began to see a few enrich themselves with huge profits provided by taxpayers.
Tax payers pay for a bomb, a few shareholders put the profit in their pocket.

Even worse because we decimated the homes of our so called enemies, now we had to accept their culture into our country and PAY for them to live since they had no skills for our country.

Meanwhile our bridges deteriorated, our roads got infected with potholes, our police came to see us a threat.  We watched while the rest of the world got high speed trains, and healthy foods.  We were told to have the best  health care in the world we had to pay the highest prices for both care and drugs.  We got the prices but not the care.

No matter how hard we tried, we could not convince out leaders that we love immigrants, EXPAND the pace at which they come in and find work.  They refused, and simply let them come without a plan other than we just can’t let them starve.  Is it so hard to understand  you can’t have free on one side of the border and expect people not to seek it out.?  A country without a border is not a country.

Then the banks failed.  Yes much was due to derivatives which are side bets.  There are two sides to every derivative.  A winner and a loser.  The winners got to keep their profits. The losers  passed the losses to taxpayers and got bonuses to boot.

We watched as the supreme court said companies could use their vast wealth to pay politicians to collude with them in the creation of laws that benefited them not citizens. Really?

At some point in time people finally just wake up and say STOP THIS MADNESS, what is in it for me?  Everyone around me enriches themselves and tells me i have to keep paying..Enough is Enough. it is a time for WIIFM!

Almost simultaneously (but before the first bullets were fired) Trump arose speaking the same sentiments.  He was rich and secure, he didn’t need the grief. But he was old enough to remember an america before war mongers, neocons, free trade and political correctness.  He even offered to help for free. It has nothing to do with ideology, nor any political positions. (we all know positions are lies anyway) It is our turn, WIIFM!


VOTE TRUMP reject the nonsense.



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