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What is wrong with “HOPE and CHANGE”

This was a great phrase that elected Barack Obama.  It is what I call a 1st order line.  Meaning it sounds good on the surface the the 2nd order effects are devasting. Think about this from a business perspective.  Would … Continue reading

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A Cure for Obesity?

  By now my readers know I favor individual responsibility OVER  State responsibility for the individual. In addition, I strongly favor choice.  This includes education via  vouchers, abortion for 3 months, whom I sleep with and the like. However, I … Continue reading

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Your 2008 Diet!

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Universal Health Care May Kill You!

I am not kidding.  Traditional medicine as practiced in America has become distorted because of the legal system. Specifically, the propensity of the legal profession to sue at any provocation.  The industry no longer even has the guts to police … Continue reading

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Burning Your Food

  I can’t help but notice people seem to complain a lot about the price of gas.  Yet no one says a word about food. Wheat prices are now $9.50 a bushel up 92% this year.  Corn is up about … Continue reading

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Flush Your Cholesterol

     A lot of people seem to worry about cholesterol.  They take drugs like Lipitor and the like.  It seems so crazy.  A decade ago I was told I had high cholesterol.  The doctor wanted me to take Crestor or … Continue reading

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