WIIFM or why Trump!

A lot is being written about what caused the rise in support for an outsider to the political establishment.

First and foremost, contrary to what politicians believe, people are NOT stupid, maybe overly patient for my taste but definitely not stupid.

Secondly, Americans are a very benevolent people, but it can go too far.

At some point, when everyone around you is enriching themselves you reach the point of What’s In It For Me or WIIFM?

Consider the following observations.

  1.  Americans threw out Eric Cantor like a used diaper, we had had enough.
  2. Polls showed approval of congress led by Republicans at just 10%, yet they made no effort to try to listen, even AFTER we threw out one of their own..CANTOR.
  3. Literally the word conservative was “hijacked” as a brand.  Originally pioneered in the book the conservative mind, there never was room for NEOCONS or International regime change in the original conservative movement.  All that changed when Bush Sr. and Dick Cheney hijacked the brand for their own won mongering and profit desires in 1988
  4. A man known as lyin’ Ryan sold us down the river and betrayed every thing he had promised.

A little background first.

We were sold free trade.  It promised us lower prices and access to new goods from around the world.  Sounds great huh?  Except then we noticed, our employers weren’t giving us our 5% raises anymore.  Our neighbors companies started moving out of the country and they lost their jobs.  Our downtowns’ were devastated, our relationship with the people we knew decimated. The quality of the stuff we got from overseas wasn’t worth it even at a lower price.  More and more people slowly questioned is this what we want. ?

The media colluded in trying to scare us.  More and more threats from overseas were put in our face every day.  Even our biggest city was supposedly attacked by “surprise”.  Our so called elected representatives told us we had to give up some freedom to be safe.  These horrible leaders in countries we could not control had to be eliminated for us to be “safe”.  And so regime change was begun.  Slowly we realized we had to forfeit our wonderful freedom and way of life to pay the trillions of dollars necessary to kill hundreds of thousands of people overseas that were going to cross the ocean and attack us at any time.  All of us now knew people who had died or been handicapped as a result of these actions.  Meanwhile we began to see a few enrich themselves with huge profits provided by taxpayers.
Tax payers pay for a bomb, a few shareholders put the profit in their pocket.

Even worse because we decimated the homes of our so called enemies, now we had to accept their culture into our country and PAY for them to live since they had no skills for our country.

Meanwhile our bridges deteriorated, our roads got infected with potholes, our police came to see us a threat.  We watched while the rest of the world got high speed trains, and healthy foods.  We were told to have the best  health care in the world we had to pay the highest prices for both care and drugs.  We got the prices but not the care.

No matter how hard we tried, we could not convince out leaders that we love immigrants, EXPAND the pace at which they come in and find work.  They refused, and simply let them come without a plan other than we just can’t let them starve.  Is it so hard to understand  you can’t have free on one side of the border and expect people not to seek it out.?  A country without a border is not a country.

Then the banks failed.  Yes much was due to derivatives which are side bets.  There are two sides to every derivative.  A winner and a loser.  The winners got to keep their profits. The losers  passed the losses to taxpayers and got bonuses to boot.

We watched as the supreme court said companies could use their vast wealth to pay politicians to collude with them in the creation of laws that benefited them not citizens. Really?

At some point in time people finally just wake up and say STOP THIS MADNESS, what is in it for me?  Everyone around me enriches themselves and tells me i have to keep paying..Enough is Enough. it is a time for WIIFM!

Almost simultaneously (but before the first bullets were fired) Trump arose speaking the same sentiments.  He was rich and secure, he didn’t need the grief. But he was old enough to remember an america before war mongers, neocons, free trade and political correctness.  He even offered to help for free. It has nothing to do with ideology, nor any political positions. (we all know positions are lies anyway) It is our turn, WIIFM!


VOTE TRUMP reject the nonsense.



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A very simple DEBT, STIMULUS, and IMMIGRATION Solution

America is suffering from a triple whammy of problems.  A sluggish economy that is likely to go on forever, at least 11 milllion illegal immigrants, and a National Debt greater than our annual GDP and certainly growing much faster.

Historically I used to propose  (tongue in cheek) we simply fill up a fleet of 747’s with hundred dollar bills and in a CIA type operation, land in china with the announcement we are here to pay our debt! There would have been some inflation sure, but we would get to start over.  Well to say we passed the point of no return on that brilliant idea would be an understatement!

More recently it was suggested that OBAMA simply mint a few trillion dollar platinum coins directly to avoid interest to the Federal Reserve.  If you aren’t aware we owe the Federal Reserve at least 3 trillion for which we pay interest as well.  I liked this one too.

There are a growing number of people clamoring for the elimination of the FED.  Ron Paul being the most notable.

Any idea must pass a progressive test meaning it treats the poor as fair or fairer than the rich.

So here is what I propose:

The U.S. government immediately grant to every man woman and child a $10,000 loan, interest free and no payments for life. 

Immediately institute a 17% VAT or consumption tax just like EUROPE!  With the interest free loan the poor can easily consume and pay this.

At death $30,000 is deducted from your estate if it is available.otherwise the balance of the loan is forgiven.  If you elect not to take the loan your estate will not be charged.In addition, every new immigrant who completes NORMAL immigration procedures including speaking english, ( no amnesty or acceleration) for the next 7 years will also be eligible for these loans.

Sure Total cost is up to 3.2$Trillion, but that is just 20% of the current national debt and relatively immaterial to our TOTAL liabilities of 80 Trillion.

Obviously this would be a huge economic stimulus.  People could pretty much choose to buy whatever they wanted.  17% VAT on a 15 trillion dollar economy would add at least $2.0 Trillion in tax receipts so the government would immediately start having large budget surpluses to pay down the debt.

Yeah there might be some inflation, and the rich and old would complain loudly over consumption and death taxes.  But it would fund unbelievable entrepreneurial ideas!  Investments distributed across America.  Maybe restore Community Banking to the benefit of depositors!

Using Government accounting methods we could recognize a $9. trillion dollar reduction to our current debt as the death taxes that were owed to us.

WE could put an end to this fiscal nightmare and get on with being creative, and building cool stuff. 


Let’s go FORWARD!

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Economics of China 2013

I have been doing business in China since 1985.  I have many Chinese friends as a result.  Here are some anecdotal updates I received recently from friends there.

We all know FOXCONN is a HUGE electronics manufacturer.  Apple and the like.  1.2 million employees! 

I am sure you have heard of Chinese suicides in these factories.  But did you know that the government gives the family 10 YEARS of pay in these cases.?  So in some cases this can be a great way to take care of your family.  The problem became so great they now have nets around the top of these buildings.

Workers used to make $3hr and worked 90 hours a week.  Using western logic, western customers urged raising the wage to $4 hr and changing the work week to 60 hours.  Chinese workers actually want to work 90 hours! So they now get overtime as well.  They can live in the dormitory for $17 a month.  Food is free six days a week, and I hear pretty good, or at least better than western friend chicken and pizzas than management is so proud to offer. so since they work six days a week they only have to buy food on the one day they don’t work.

In China, unlike Obamacare, health care is free.  There is no income tax either,  So these workers can save a lot of money, probably much more than most westerners.  After 5 years many return to their villages to retire.

As incredible as it may sound, China is becoming too expensive.  Low tech things like those digital picture frames have already been outsourced to India.  New low cost factories are being built in Brazil and Russia ( a surprise to me)!  No plans yet to come to America. 


Plus as I said before there is virtually no breast cancer in these workers..(A cheap shot at western food, from my prior blog)

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FREEE! Great ebook on Gun Conrol facts

There is so much disinformation on Gun Control I thought I would share a Great information resource on Gun Control.  There is so much disinformation coming from biased sources wanting to disarm America this is a great resource with references on every myth.  112 pages easy read.


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All Women worried about BREAST CANCER should read this!

I recently had a Korean American relative endure a double Mastectomy at age 35.  It reminded me of all the things I have learned about the American lifestyle and the bad results of Big business, and Politics intersecting.  As a result I am posting this useful letter and encouraging women to do their own research.  With the recent confirmation that doctors get commissions on prescriptions, and OBAMACARE coming, people are responsible for their health more than ever before. 


I had no alternative but to die or to try to find a cure for myself. I am a scientist – surely there was a rational explanation for this cruel illness that affects one in 12 women in the UK? I had suffered the loss of one breast, and undergone radiotherapy. I was now receiving painful chemotherapy, and had been seen by some of the country’s most eminent specialists. But, deep down, I felt certain I was facing death. I had a loving husband, a beautiful home and two young children to care for. I desperately wanted to live.

Fortunately, this desire drove me to unearth the facts, some of which were known only to a handful of scientists at the time.  Anyone who has come into contact with breast cancer will know that certain risk factors – such as increasing age, early onset of womanhood, late onset of menopause and a family history of breast cancer – are completely out of our control. But there are many risk factors, which we can control easily.

These “controllable” risk factors readily translate into simple changes that we can all make in our day-to-day lives to help prevent or treat breast cancer. My message is that even advanced breast cancer can be overcome because I have done it.
The first clue to understanding what was promoting my breast  cancer came when my husband Peter, who was also a scientist, arrived back from working in China while I was being plugged in for a chemotherapy session.  He had brought with him cards and letters, as well as some amazing herbal suppositories, sent by my friends and science colleagues in China.  The suppositories were sent to me as a cure for breast cancer. Despite the awfulness of the situation, we both had a good belly laugh, and I remember saying that this was the treatment for breast cancer in China, then it was little wonder that Chinese women avoided getting the disease.

Those words echoed in my mind.  Why didn’t Chinese women in China get breast cancer? I had collaborated once with Chinese colleagues on a study of links between soil chemistry and disease, and I remembered some of the statistics. The disease was virtually non-existent throughout the whole country. Only one in 10,000 women in China will die from it, compared to that terrible figure of one in 12 in Britain and the even grimmer average of one in 10 across most Western countries. It is not just a matter of China being a more rural country, with less urban pollution. In highly urbanized Hong Kong, the rate rises to 34 women in every 10,000 but still puts the West to shame.  The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have similar rates. And remember, both cities were attacked with nuclear weapons, so in addition to the usual pollution-related cancers, one would also expect to find some radiation-related cases, too.

The conclusion we can draw from these statistics strikes you with some force. If a Western woman were to move to industrialized, irradiated Hiroshima, she would slash her risk of contracting breast cancer by half. Obviously this is absurd.  It seemed obvious to me that some lifestyle factor not related to pollution, urbanization or the environment is seriously increasing the Western woman’s chance of contracting breast cancer.  I then discovered that whatever causes the huge differences in breast cancer rates between oriental and Western countries, it isn’t genetic.

Scientific research showed that when Chinese or Japanese people move to the West, within one or two generations their rates of breast cancer approach those of their host community.  The same thing happens when oriental people adopt a completely Western lifestyle in Hong Kong . In fact, the slang name for breast cancer in China translates as ‘Rich Woman’s Disease’. This is because, in China, only the better off can afford to eat what is termed ‘ Hong Kong food’.  The Chinese describe all Western food, including everything from ice cream and chocolate bars to spaghetti  and feta cheese, as “Hong Kong food”, because of its availability in the former British colony and its scarcity, in the past, in mainland China .

So, it made perfect sense to me that whatever was causing my breast cancer and the shockingly high incidence in this country generally, it was almost certainly something to do with our better-off, middle-class, Western lifestyle.  There is an important point for men here, too. I have observed in my research that much of the data about prostate cancer leads to similar conclusions.  According to figures from the World Health Organization, the number of men contracting prostate cancer in rural China is negligible, only 0.5 men in every 100,000.In England, Scotland and Wales, however, this figure is 70 times higher. Like breast cancer, it is a middle-class disease that primarily attacks the wealthier and higher socio-economic groups, those that can afford to eat rich foods.

I remember saying to my husband, “Come on Peter, you have just come back from China. What is it about the Chinese way of life that is so different?  Why don’t they get breast cancer?’  We decided to utilize our joint scientific backgrounds and approach it logically.

We examined scientific data that pointed us in the general direction of fats in diets.  Researchers had discovered in the 1980s that only l4% of calories in the average Chinese diet were from fat, compared to almost 36% in the West.
But the diet I had been living on for years before I contracted breast cancer was very low in fat and high in fibre.  Besides, I knew as a scientist that fat intake in adults has not been shown to increase risk for breast cancer in most investigations that have followed large groups of women for up to a dozen years.

Then one day something rather special happened. Peter and I have worked together so closely over the years that I am not sure which one of us first said: “The Chinese don’t eat dairy produce!”  It is hard to explain to a non-scientist the sudden mental and emotional ‘buzz’ you get when you know you have had an important insight. It’s as if you have had a lot of pieces of a jigsaw in your mind, and suddenly, in a few seconds, they all fall into place and the whole picture is clear.
Suddenly I recalled how many Chinese people were physically unable to  tolerate milk, how the Chinese people I had worked with had always said that milk was only for babies, and how one of my close friends, who is of Chinese origin, always politely turned down the cheese course at dinner parties.

I knew of no Chinese people who lived a traditional Chinese life who ever used cow or other dairy food to feed their babies. The tradition was to use a wet nurse but never, ever, dairy products.  Culturally, the Chinese find our Western preoccupation with milk and milk products very strange. I remember entertaining a large delegation of Chinese scientists shortly after the ending of the Cultural Revolution in the 1980s.  On advice from the Foreign Office, we had asked the caterer to provide a pudding that contained a lot of ice cream. After inquiring what the pudding consisted of, all of the Chinese, including their interpreter, politely but firmly refused to eat it, and they could not be persuaded to change their minds.  At the time we were all delighted and ate extra portions!

Milk, I discovered, is one of the most common causes of food allergies .Over 70% of the world’s population are unable to digest the milk sugar, lactose, which has led nutritionists to believe that this is the normal condition for adults, not some sort of deficiency. Perhaps nature is trying to tell us that we are eating the wrong food.  Before I had breast cancer for the first time, I had eaten a lot of dairy produce, such as skimmed milk, low-fat cheese and yogurt. I had used it as my main source of protein. I also ate cheap but lean minced beef, which I now realized was probably often ground-up dairy cow.  In order to cope with the chemotherapy I received for my fifth case of cancer, I had been eating organic yogurts as a way of helping my digestive tract to recover and repopulate my gut with ‘good’ bacteria.

Recently, I discovered that way back in 1989 yogurt had been implicated in ovarian cancer. Dr Daniel Cramer of Harvard University studied hundreds of women with ovarian cancer, and had them record in detail what they normally ate. Wish I’d been made aware of his findings when he had first discovered them.  Following Peter’s and my insight into the Chinese diet, I decided to give up not just yogurt but all dairy produce immediately. Cheese, butter, milk and yogurt and anything else that contained dairy produce – it went down the sink or in the rubbish.

It is surprising how many products, including commercial soups, biscuits and cakes, contain some form of dairy produce. Even many proprietary brands of margarine marketed as soya, sunflower or olive oil spreads can contain dairy produce.  I therefore became an avid reader of the small print on food labels.  Up to this point, I had been steadfastly measuring the progress of my fifth cancerous lump with callipers and plotting the results. Despite all the encouraging comments and positive feedback from my doctors and nurses, my own precise observations told me the bitter truth.  My first chemotherapy sessions had produced no effect – the lump was still the same size.  Then I eliminated dairy products. Within days, the lump started to shrink.

About two weeks after my second chemotherapy session and one week after giving up dairy produce, the lump in my neck started to itch. Then it began to soften and to reduce in size. The line on the graph, which had shown no change, was now pointing downwards as the tumour got smaller and smaller and, very significantly, I noted that instead of declining exponentially (a graceful curve) as cancer is meant to do, the tumour’s decrease in size was plotted on a straight line heading off the bottom of the graph, indicating a cure, not suppression (or remission) of the tumour.

One Saturday afternoon after about six weeks of excluding all dairy produce from my diet, I practiced an hour of meditation then felt for what was left of the lump. I couldn’t find it. Yet I was very experienced at detecting cancerous lumps – I had discovered all five cancers on my own. I went downstairs and asked my husband to feel my neck. He could not find any trace of the lump either.

On the following Thursday I was due to be seen by my cancer specialist at Charing Cross Hospital in London . He examined me thoroughly, especially my neck where the tumour had been. He was initially bemused and then delighted as he said, “I cannot find it.” None of my doctors, it appeared, had expected someone with my type and stage of cancer (which had clearly spread to the lymph system) to survive, let alone be so hale and hearty.  My specialist was as overjoyed as I was. When I first discussed my ideas with him he was understandably sceptical. But I understand that he now uses maps showing cancer mortality in China in his lectures, and recommends a non-dairy diet to his cancer patients.

I now believe that the link between dairy produce and breast cancer is similar to the link between smoking and lung cancer. I believe that identifying the link between breast cancer and dairy produce, and then developing a diet specifically targeted at maintaining the health of my breast and hormone system, cured me.

It was difficult for me, as it may be for you, to accept that a substance as ‘natural’ as milk might have such ominous health implications.  But I am a living proof that it works and, starting from tomorrow, I shall reveal the secrets of my revolutionary action plan.

Extracted from Your Life in Your Hands, by Professor Jane Plant



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Returning America to Prosperity

All this drivel about taxes, spending and politics.  It is all rubbish!

From 1776 to 1900 America was nothing.  We had a civil war that killed more than any other war.  (mostly through infection)  we were marching west building farms as we went.  Out side of a small war with Spain, we weren’t doing much outside our borders, just trying to survive, and do the right thing.  We did abolish slavery with much trial and tribulation.  But we didn’t believe we were exceptional or any other such nonsense, just working.  No income taxes, no big government,  no entitlement programs, just pure darwinism.  Survival of the fittest, everyone armed, families took care of their own.

Then comes 1901 and the discovery of OIL in Texas.  Everything began to change overnight.  Cheap energy created opportunity unlike anything ever seen before on this planet.  Soon we had cars, planes, steel, warships, mass production etc.etc.  All because of cheap energy.  This single event transformed America into a true land of opportunity to amass great wealth.  Standard OIL.  America was no longer the place where you could get a free farm and work till you died, but rather jobs were everywhere.

While the rest of the world suffered under socialism and communism under the likes of Stalin, Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung (anglicized spelling for old times sake) , we just built!  Cheap Energy continued to create opportunity everywhere.  Railroads, crossed the US, cars and roads being built, power lines etc.etc. 

Cheap energy was the catalyst.  Pretty soon politicians were deluding themselves we were “exceptional”.  How friggin arrogant is that?

Now so much wealth created the belief the government could take care of the family better than families could themselves.  The government wouldcare for the elderly, teach the children and absolve parents of their right sand responsiblities to pass on values to their kids.  All because of cheap energy.

So we have come full circle, energy is no longer cheap and we send much of our wealth overseas to buy it. 

Some would replace it with even more expensive wind and solar and bio fuels in the hope to at least keep the money at home.  Never mind we can’t make solar cells or windmills or even batteries anymore.

Today America is at a crossroads.  We have a chance to start another century of prosperity based on energy.  This time it is around Natural Gas.  Using a very safe technology called fracking (we break up layers of shale to release it, via steel and concrete lined holes to protect the aquifer) we are releasing trillions of cubic feet of the stuff, at a cost lower than even russia can feed europe.  

Our chemical companies are returning home from China, and even the Germans are building new plants here. It is even threatening Russia more than any nuclear weapon ever did.  Fracking is creating so many jobs we can’t meet the demand.  Look at Texas, North and South Dakota, Oklahoma, Utah.  There is virtually no unemployment there.

Even better it is much cleaner than oil.  Methanol is cheap to product and replaces ethanol for our cars. AT HALF THE PRICE!  Embracing it would cut the cost of all food as corn would no longer need to be burned, thereby reducing the cost of beef, pork, chicken, corn and even wheat.  Why?  Because natural gas is the key ingredient in fertilizer.!

We cannot embrace this technology fast enough.  We can fix our cars,pollution economy in one big step.  Unfortunately, some politicians see this as getting in the way of their solar and windmill fantasies.  They are trying to stop it.  Hollywood is aking movies filled with lies to continue to brainwash the public.

If Americans wake up and demand we starting moving to a natural gas economy, we can enjoy another 100 years of prosperity, provide jobs for anyone who wants to work (welders now demand over $100k in pay in these locations) , just like in the good old days.

Once again, AMERICA needs to be free to do what it does best. 

This time we should no longer export energy but rather treat it as a competitive advantage.  Cheap energy will trump the costs of cheap asian labor if we have the courage. 

PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES AND WHAT THEY SAY.  If they can’t talk about GROWTH and OPPORTUNITY, and instead talk about takes and redistribution throw them out. 

This is a once in a century opportunity to live another hundred years of greatness! 





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When I was in elementary school, I ran for class president. I was pretty popular.  My opponent was obviously smarter.  In the auditorium we each had to give a speech.  I am sure this was some kind of lesson in politics.  Anyway, I went first normal political drivel, best man, you know me, work with teachers for more field trips, etc.etc.  My opponent on the other hand stood up and promised free coke machines.  This was in 1956!  He won by six votes.  Lesson learned.

Hillcrest elementary, San francisco.


So here we are today.  Obama just won reelection. Here is my take on why.


These are excerpts from what i heard.

Republicans and Conservatives

1.  He funds abortions.

2.  He gives away food stamps, disability and phones

3.  He is letting our enemies attack us with abandon

4.  He is a muslim, and not a nautrual born citizen ( I doubt most of you know the difference between citizen and natural born citizen)

5. He is putting us so far in debt our children can never pay it back.

6.  He wants to raise taxes.

7.  He supports gay marriage

8.  He wants to open the borders to all, taking away,jobs, increasing crime, and abusing our benefits

9. he lies

10. He wants to destroy our defenses


Here is a summary form the democrats…(remember free coke machines)

The Future Is Better Than You Think.

Unlike republicans who spend all their time fretting about social justice and the $16 trillion dollar debt that we have to let get bigger before we can pay it off,  we know that advances in technology will solve all of our problems. Food, water, energy, medicine — our capabilities have been rapidly improving on all of these fronts for decades and we’re on pace to advance even faster in coming years. With increased successful investments by our government, the only reason we don’t see how terrific our future will be is because of republican cognitive biases towards pessimism and gloom.
…Our brain’s filtering architecture is pessimistic by design…(and) good news is drowned out, because it’s in the media’s best interest to overemphasize the bad.
Therefore we tend to ignore the advances in robotics, nanotechnology, computers, genetically engineered crops, vertical farming, cultured meats, smart grids, and innumerable other technological advances that have put us on the cusp of taking a great leap forward as a species. We haven’t even touched on details about the extraordinary breakthroughs that we’re approaching: algae that can produce thirty times more energy than conventional biofuels per acre, computer assisted irrigation that will dramatically reduce the water usage needed for farming, autonomous cars that will reduce commute times and almost eliminate accidents, human body parts that can be grown as replacements for our worn out organs, and diagnostic advances that will allow thousands of dollars’ worth of medical tests to be done for pennies. These are exciting ideas that have the potential to uplift the lives of human beings all across the globe.   We need to keep moving FORWARD!
I will never forget free coke machines.
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Ever Notice how much the root word “SOCIAL” has infiltrated our language?



So the point of this blog is to put a stake in the ground on the changing nature of America. 

Under OBAMA America will become more Socialist than ever before.  Notice how OBAMACARE has been embraced by him.  Unlike Hillarycare which was a way for republicans to denigrate national healthcare, the same attempt failed when he chose to wear the label as a badge of honor. 

Notice how one of the big economies is “SOCIAL NETWORKS”.  How Obama no longer argues he is not a socialist, but just lets the republican names drop to the floor.  We now have social everything and it is changing our lives.

Remember the first big socialist in history was Teddy Roosevelt.  Yes he was a RINO, and went on to give us income tax, break up standard oil, and lay pipe for Woodrow to give us the federal reserve, an incredible array of new government agencies, and paper money.


Then came cousin Franklin the so far most powerful and POPULAR socialist in our history.  In spite of every other president in history, always stepping down after two terms, he ran for 4 and got elected.  He was the reason we had to pass a constituitional term limit for Presidents.  My point is Americans LOVE socialism!  Go back and look at old papers this man could have ruled the world he was so popular.

As an aside, I know not how, but OBAMA will stay in power in 2016.  He will by proxy, or even some other butchering of the costituition.  Term limits only came in 1951, maybe they will argue to go back to the original consituition.  Or  perhaps there will be very close ties to the next candidate, and it won’t be Hillary.  He will give so much to “the people” that they will wonder how they lived before Obama.  His public support will continue to rise.

After 10 years of poor stock market returns, we will see the arguent for the nationalization of reitirement plans and 401k’s.  It will be a way to force us all to buy the government bonds we know are worthless.  Already the articles are flooding about how bonds have outperformed stocks in the last decades.


In addition, he will implement a national sales tax.  The screams will be it is regressive, but he will give a cash credit to food stamp and other social safety net recipients to offset it.


He will approve the KEYSTONE pipeline, as unions will want control.  Look for an environmental tax of some kind.  I think he will pragmatically embrace energy as a source of revenue rather than fight all the new found wealth in America.  Remember we now have found at least three Saudi Arabias on our soil. 


He will create vast new wealth in his supporters.


You only have to open your ears to hear the drumbeat of these predictions. 


Remember history shows Americans LOVE socIalism..


I believe there are two types of humans..The majority will gladly relinguish freedom in exchange for stuff and being taken care of ….The minority will cherish freedom above all else even if it means being poor.  Remember, “give me Liberty or give me death”?  When I look around the world this is true to this day…


So bottom line Obama will become one of the greatest presidents in history.  At least in the eyes of the majority who like “free stuff” and know not what price is paid..



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Congratulations to the Democrats and Young People and independents who voted for Obama!

You now own it and you can’t blame Bush. The next terrorist attack you own it. Can’t get a job after graduation, you own it. Sky rocketing energy prices due to Obama’s EPA shutting down the energy producing states, you own it. A nuclear Iran, you own it. Bowing to the Soviet Union, you own it. Another severe recession, you own it. A volatile border with Mexico, you own it. Trouble getting good health care, you own it. Higher health insurance costs and health care you own those too.

You now own it and you can’t blame Bush. The next terrorist attack you own it. Can’t get a job after graduation, you own it. Sky rocketing energy prices due to Obama’s EPA shutting down the energy producing states, you own it. A nuclear Iran, you own it. Bowing to the Soviet Union, you own it. Another severe recession, you own it. A volatile border with Mexico, you own it. Trouble getting good health care, you own it. Higher health insurance costs, you own it. No budget, you own it. Our allies mistrust, you own it. Another trillion of debt, you own it. More Benghazi situations, you own it.

In fact the greatest cover-up since Watergate, you own it. No one willing to join the military, you own it. Trouble getting a loan to buy a home, you own it. More dependency on food stamps, you own it.

Talk of seccession by half of the “United” States, you own it. Trouble finding good employment, you own it. Several part time jobs instead of a good job, you own it.

Skyrocketing Inflation you will own it! A World Government, you own it.

The UN governing the United States instead of ourselves, you own it. A Senate that will not bring any legislation to the table even if it is “Dead on Arrival”, you own it. China controlling our world trade trampling all over us, you own it. Loss of our freedoms as we have known it in the past, you own it. A dictatorship instead of a democracy that follows the Constitution, you own it. Less take home pay and higher living costs, you own it. Driving a car that looks like a toy, you own it. More government corruption and lies, you own it. More toleration of extreme and fanatical Islamists, you own it. Terrorist attacks called work place incidents, you own it. Your revenge instead of love of country, you own it. President George Bush is out of it now, and there is not another good man for you to vilify and lie about. In a way I am relieved that another good man will not be blamed when it was impossible to clean up this mess you voted for. Have a good day.


YOU OWN IT!  Now what are you gonna do with it.?

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How to Fix America

No matter your political orientation, I think you would agree America has many fundamental problems that need to get fixed.

Let there be no doubt, my bias is toward anything that enables everyone to have access to economic success.  Good education and FREEDOM. So I am biased toward entrepreneurs and very low taxes.  Buy services you need.

I don’t give a rip about drugs, abortions, or sexual preferences.

So I think we should all step aside and let Democrats do everything they want.  Spend like crazy, the more the better.  Kill defense spending.  Ban gun ownership. Unionize everything, no more right to work states. Provide college loans for finger painting studies. Pick the legal system of your choice, shariah, christian street, whatever.   Free food, healthcare, designer clothes, jordan tennis shoes, sex and drugs, eliminate all our weapons, kill cars, mass transit everywhere, All of it…

I think any rational person knows it would end in disaster.  So instead of this death by slow cuts, can we just get there and start over?.  Sure a lot of people would die, and there will be looting and crime, but then we can get back to basics..States rights, small government, armed citizens, proper education etc. etc.

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