Bush Capitulates!


This stimulus package idea is the WORST thing I ever heard.  Bush obviously just rolled over.  No extension of current tax rates.  Obviously the stock market is not enamored with it.  It is pure income redistribution of the worst kind.  The Socialist takeover is nearly complete. True income redistribution has begun during the pander for votes season.

No retailer is going to staff up for any spending that might occur, nor will any remaining U.S. manufacturer.  It is a simple pop.  NO JOBS will be created! 

As much as I hate government spending, we could have done a lot better just building highways, levees and other infrastructure in America.  At least that would create some JOBS!

Even better, as evidence of our ability to have a RAPID RESPONSE to a crisis, the checks can’t get out until June?

Obama and Hillary want to double capital gains rates too.  Oh that will work (lol) to start helping the poor, our capital will pour into overseas markets where such gains are taxed at 15% or less.

No surprise, now Bill Klinton acknowledges Shrillary and McCain are good friends.  No surprise, socialists all look the same to me. 

Be careful what you vote for…

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