How to solve the Illegal Immigrant Crisis

Forget your emotions for a moment.  Now matter how you stand there is no pleasant outcome. 



We should let the people of Mexico VOTE on being part of the United States.  Mexico would become 5 new states.  10 new Senators and about 70 congressmen.

Think about it.  We could fix their poor productivity on Corn, lack of ability to manage PEMEX, and properly develop their coasts into retirement havens for the baby boomers.  The citizens of Mexico  would get easy access to a new life, jobs, security, slightly more honest politicians and the ability to move freely to seek opportunity as well as take advantage of the educational opportunities here.

This would not be unlike the merging of East Germany into West Germany to create a unified Germany.

This would unleash a new economic boom of opportunity on both sides of the border.  We would get tons of new hardworking cheap labor, lessening the advantage of China, plus better proximity to South America, both culturally and geographically.

Sure there would be lots of problems, but the potential is huge.  Even better we could easily secure the Southern Border of Mexico. 

Tell everyone you know!!!!!


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1 Response to How to solve the Illegal Immigrant Crisis

  1. Agreed, there are many advantages to actively soliciting other countries to join the US. I always felt it was too bad that Quebec never seceded from Canada – it would have given the western provinces an excellent reason to apply for statehood. Don’t forget that we have an outstanding offer to Puerto Rico as well. Heck, as soon as Castro dies, we could probably even snag Cuba – now THAT would be a real coup!

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