Happy New Year!


     This is the first day of the rest of the year. 

    This is an election year, I am sorry.

     Your house will not go up in value this year.

     Movie ticket prices will go up.

     Gas Prices will go up.

     Some investments will go way up.

     You won’t have any of those.

     A pretty girl will disappear and be on TV. 

     No ugly girls will disappear.

     You will break your resolution to NOT EAT IN YOUR CAR!

     You will do something really really dumb, besides eating in

     your car. 

     People will say you need to give more money to Education

     The NEA will give Hundreds of Millions to Democrats.

     You will ask for a raise and get it.!

      It won’t be big enough.

      Somebody on TV will lie to you. 

      But your mission is to be happier every day in spite of others.

      You can do it!

      BTW the climate will change, but it is NOT your fault.



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1 Response to Happy New Year!

  1. Tony Roma says:

    A few more;
    Your tax breaks will go down (or go away!)
    Prices on consumer items will increase
    Your work benefits will go down, BTW your raise will not off-set this ;(
    CO2 will increase
    The US Dollar will go down in value, surprise!

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