How Huckabee is destroying the Republican Party.

It is generally agreed that Huckabee has no chance in major states.  He clearly has a strong evangelical following and will collect those votes.  These are traditionally, a core constituency of republicans, and their votes are driven by "values" that are backed by their belief.  They represent a significant population that supports only heterosexual marriage, pro life, parental involvement in education and many other positions that are in direct opposition to democrats. 

So how is this affecting the Republican party?  While unelectable, he peels these votes away from other candidates that might have a better chance.  This is not unlike the role Perot played in electing Clinton.  No honest commentator would deny that Clinton would have had no chance had if Ross Perot had not run for President and split the vote. Huckabee is performing the identical role.  However, this time he is leaving the RINO candidate, McCain, a free pass.  Here we have a Republican who is more democrat by action, winning roughly a third of republican votes and leaving the rest to be divided up.  So now there is a chance McCain can beat Romney for the nomination. 

If McCain is the nominee, is this so bad?  Many are arguing that since he is so Kennedy like perhaps he can attract some democrat votes.  No person in their right mind will believe this.  Rather, it is more likely the conservative portion (conservative means low taxes, no amnesty,  and small government, not religion!) will simply not participate as they simply cannot vote for him. 

There is some hope that Hillary will so galvanize this portion of America that they will come out to vote anyway, but I fear it more likely they just sit out.  If this occurs, it will be because republicans did not get a chance to pick their real candidate, and the blame should will fall on Huckabees shoulders!

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  1. Jack says:

    My friend Allen and I were dicussing this at The Black Tulip in Midway,KY just the other day. As conservatives it seems we don’t have a good choice on the Republican side and if Hillary wins we should just start increasing our witholding tax.

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