Hillary as Commander in Chief?


I am only writing this to confront Hillary supporters who thought she could be Commander in Chief.  No matter how you cut it she failed abysmally at her first attempt.  After all, the campaign, like War, belongs to her not her staff.  So let’s see what happened.

Her staff gave her intelligence that said she had a virtual lock.  So using this "data" she raised $140 million.  She calculated it would be over February 5th.  Why bother opening campaign offices in small states, "we don’t need them". Note she is scrambling now trying to do just that. 

So she wasted the last half of 2007 running against George Bush because he was such an easy target and wouldn’t be bothered to respond.  She literally pissed away all the money before she realized she might have competitor.  She didn’t even bother to think she might need a plan after February 5th.  Only now is she even realizing the "Texas rules" will severely hamper her.  Specifically, delegates are allocated based on votes from last two elections, and her Hispanic constituency forgot to turn out in 2006.  Something about ID’s I think!

Just like George Bush in Iraq she ran straight ahead blindly assuming she would win.  After all that is no doubt what her staff told her.  When the environment turned out substantially different, she said it was a fluke and didn’t adapt.  After all it was the conventional wisdom in the Democratic Party that all you have to do si win CA and NY and the rest will follow.  Carville will need a lot of Ketchup to choke down that Crow!  George Bush blindly listened to Donald Rumsfeld far too long. He failed as a result.  Hillary has done the same thing. Unlike George Bush she rejected the "old" political machine for a fresh one.  George Bush reached out and took his father’s.  The point is neither strategy worked and as CEO’s they were both toooooo slow in making staff changes and developing new tactics based on real world data.  Of course, George did piss away 10x more money, but then it has been a lot longer.

There can be no denying OBOMBA ran a masterful campaign.  There was no "lazy" skipping of small states, or special interest groups, and he truly embraced and engaged on every single front. 

While I doubt I can support any of his programs, I can only give credit where credit is due, and acknowledge he developed and executed a strategy that will change politics forever. 

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1 Response to Hillary as Commander in Chief?

  1. Jack Kaminsky says:


    I just finished listening to Hillary’s Ohio primary “victory” speech. As a former resident of the Buckeye state, I am appalled at her vapid, pandering, address to the poor, misguided, and disenfranchised Ohioans who voted for her.

    Any clear thinking individual – regardless of his or her political affiliation – has to recognize the fact that she is driven by blind ambition and nothing else. She is no more qualified to lead this great country than you or I am.

    In terms of substance, Obama is no better than she is. He is a superior orator, but he is no better than she is when it comes to true leadership ability.

    May God help us all if either of these second rate political hacks succeeds in being elected as the leader of the free world.

    Jack Kaminsky

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